Rabbits & How East End Tick Control Services Benefit Them

When discussing the most beloved in the world, tend to be overlooked. This shouldn\’t be the case, as these furry creatures can make welcome additions to various households, including those that have small children. aren\’t unlike other , though, in the sense that they run the risk of carrying with them. If you\’d like to know how to protect your animal friend, here is some important organic information to know.

One of the most important things to know about rabbits, as far as ticks are concerned, is that some are at greater risk than others. Anyone that specializes in organic tick control will tell you that rabbits that live outdoors are more likely to attract these pests. It\’s also worth noting that if you have a dog or cat, the risk increases. This is just the start of the insight that the likes of Alternative Earthcare will be able to provide.

Not unlike other animals, rabbits seem to have ticks in certain areas more than others. Inside and between the ears seem to be the most common areas, which makes sense given the space that said areas provide. It\’s not unfathomable for a pet owner to check these areas, only to notice small bite marks that seemingly came out of nowhere. Even though rabbits can be bitten in other areas, the ears are where the bulk of your attention should be focused.

Even though rabbits are known for attracting ticks, this doesn\’t necessarily mean that you can\’t protect your pet. First and foremost, thoroughly inspect your pet\’s fur in order to see any stray pests on them. Ticks are larger when they have consumed blood, which means that you may have an easier time spotting on than expected. Tick removal should be done with a pair of fine tweezers, not with your hands. This will ensure that the entire tick is removed.

Did you know that grooming can play into tick control, too? Keep in mind that brushing your rabbit will allow you to pick up on any stray ticks on your pet\’s body. Furthermore, if you continually brush their fur, you\’ll be able to spend more time with them. After all, one of the benefits of being a pet owner is building a bond with your animal friend. For and emotional reasons, regular grooming is essential for your rabbit.

For further information about east end tick control, please visit Alternative Earthcare today.

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