Learn how to care for bunnies

are wonderful , making fantastic for dedicated owners. Bunnies are friendly , and enjoy the company of other bunnies, and generally prefer to live in pairs. In addition they like human company and can become extremely helpful if treated effectively. A girl bunny is named a ‘Doe’ and a boy a ‘Buck’.

Rabbits need daily consideration and some can live for up to 10 years so they are a long term responsibility. Rabbits aren’t cheap pets as many new owners will soon come to realise. There are setup costs, food bills, and veterinary bills to take into consideration, and as bunnies can live up to ten years owning a bunny may be a long-term financial commitment. Make sure you have what it takes to take care of a rabbit.

There is a wide range of bunnies to pick from different in size, shape, colour, character and so on. But when selecting which bunny to purchase, generally buy your bunny from a trusted source and if possible check that the mom is in good health. The best time to purchase a rabbit is when they have been weaned from their mother at about 6-8 weeks.

Keeping an Indoor Bunny

More and more bunny owners are opting to maintain their bunnies in the house and keep them as house bunnies. This way you can have your beloved bunny around your home with you all day, and you may play and interact with your pet more regularly, just as you would a cat or dog.

Indoor bunnies like to run around the home and hide under and behind furniture. But be careful, keeping your rabbit indoors requires training, rabbit proofing your home, and more time and dedication than keeping your bunny outdoors.

You will have to train your rabbit, just like you would a puppy, to make use of cage, to not adventure into certain places of the house, and not to chew your shoes!

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