The Type of Rabbits that You Can Choose as Pets

If you intend to get yourself a rabbit as a pet, you might consider the many type of that could be of a for you to select. You could see for yourself of these cute bunnies at the local or shops at your place.

One of the breeds that you could choose is the Dutch. This is one popular choice among owners. It comes in variety of and the size is ranging from small to medium. Another one is the polish breed which is considered as dwarf in size. Its is short, shiny and looks polished. That is how the breed receives the name. However if this is the first time you are having rabbit as , this may not be a good choice as this breed tends to be bad-tempered.

You could also purchase the which is quite intelligent. Moreover the fur is beautiful and it has long ears and legs. Another type of rabbits that you could get is the . It is red-eyed and has markings of colours of black, brown or . You would like this if you prefer a medium-sized rabbit.

is yet another breed that you could buy. It has white colour fur and would need you to particularly spend time to clean and brush it. Yet another one is the lop rabbit. Its body is round and compact. You may like this one as the ears are long and dropping. There are more types you could find are like Chinchilla, Rex, Netherlands dwarf and English.

Whichever type of rabbits you want to purchase as a pet, make sure you have the commitment in rearing it. There are many cares to carry out for the rabbits. Be sure you read or find out more information on how to clean and play with the one you plan to purchase.

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