Pet Rabbit Bedding – What To Use For Best Bunny Health

If you are trying to decide what kind of bedding you should choose for your that will depend on the kind of floor your hutch has. Some owners insist you should always have a wire mesh floor so mess can fall through to a collecting tray underneath. I disagree and have always used with a sold floor.

Lining the floor with several layers of newspaper makes it warmer, absorbs wet and very easy to clean the cage out. You simply roll up the paper complete with all the mess and lift out. A quick sweep around and disinfect and then renew.

A layer of sawdust mixed with wood shavings especially produced for rabbits and guinea pigs goes on top of the layers of newspaper. Again some state sawdust or shaving are unhealthy for these pets. Unprepared or raw sawdust or shavings particularly pine and some hardwood shavings may be as they can contain harmful oils. Properly supplied shavings are kiln dried to remove these oils and bugs too so they are safe to use.

Rabbits are intelligent and generally clean animals and will use a corner for their toilet. Placing a litter tray in their favoured corner will soon train them and keep the hutch much cleaner. If you can shred your newspapers or have access to shredded paper, perhaps from a local business, you can use this as a substitute for bedding.

I also place hay and straw in my pet’s sleeping area as she loves to bed down on it but also chews and eats it. Providing plenty of things like straw, cardboard and things to gnaw on will help keep the rabbit’s teeth in good shape. Some breeds like my own has teeth that grow very rapidly and need keeping in check.

There is a very wide choice of bedding available. Check with your local pet store and see what they stock. If in doubt ask for advice.

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