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Angela and I braved the freezing weather to go down to the Beeston Fields Golf Club in Nottingham where Nottingham 20 and City of Nottingham 221 Circles held their Dinner. Since it was so close to Christmas, this was chosen as their theme for the night and all the tables were decorated with references to the reindeer from the song “Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer”. This year the two Circles were honoured by the presence of Grand President, Vernon De Cruz and his wife, Evelyn. The meal was excellent and the wine flowed freely on our table. Speeches were brief and to the point; Grand President gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the guests and reminded us that friendship is one of the most important elements of belonging to the Association.

An excellent night was rounded off by Circle Secretary John Hay leading the assembled masses in carol singing, which was then followed by some impromptu renditions of various Christmas songs by the tables that held the senior guests. On my way out, I was challenged to sing some Polish carols, but was able to avoid this by quoting my usual phrase “Nie mowiem bardzo dobrze po Polsku” (if you don’t know what it means, put it through the Google Translate site) which usually gets me off the hook with other, more fluent, Poles!

Tonight I made a solo visit to Chesterfield Circle as no-one was available to accompany me there. The Circle was very welcoming – only to be expected as I know so many of them very well. Loads of brothers turned up tonight, and I discovered the reason once proceedings got under way. There was to be a discussion of the request from Grand Treasurer for Circles to loan money to shore up the cash flow problem being encountered over the next couple of months. The debate was, to say the least, lively and it was interesting to sit and listen to the various arguments being put forward knowing that our Circle Council had been given the go-ahead in October to offer a small sum.

After the meeting, the meal was excellent and I had a couple of long conversations with brothers I have known a long time. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

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